This page offers a summary of all country specific recommendations for teachers, trainers, guidance counsellors, any person working with young people belonging to vulnerable groups.

EQF – European Qualifikation Framework - The European Qualification Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe, promoting workers' and learners' mobility between countries and facilitating their lifelong learning.

EQF leaflet

The leaflet about the European Qualification Framework

European Reference Framework

Read more about Key competencies for LLL (Lifelong Learning):

The eight key competencies for Lifelong Learning,

Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations (DeSeCo) Background Paper

Adult learning: It is never too late to learn,

Find out interesting details about literacy in your (EU) country.

The EVE platform offers details on other funded projects and ours, just search 'GARDEN project' to find us there.


Austria & Germany

Education in general

Platform for topics like e-Learning, e-Government and shared services run by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture

German online-platform and information service treating various topics around education. Structured by areas (Kindergarten, primary school, high-school, vocational education, etc.) Also offering a newsletter and blog.

An online library with movies for classes and lectures structured by school subjects; with search option

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture offers information and overview of the educational system in Austria. The homepage provides a broad range of information reaching from a directory of all schools, information about subsidies up to reports about projects and initiatives. Quarterly a newsletter is published on the homepage and sent to subscribers in English and German.

This link leads to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany where the reader can find all details about the German education system and individual programmes (inter alia).

Federal institute for educational research, innovation and development of the Austrian educational system. Responsible (besides other things) for the execution of the PISA-study in Austria and the editing of the National Report of Education.

Page of the National Agency for Lifelong Learning, common information and further links

The German National Agency link.

Initiative by the Austrian chamber of commerce for regional interconnection of educational institutions and businesses to promote exchange and development of educational issues.


Links offering information on disadvantaged learners /

The Austrian unemployment office offers training programmes for deprived target groups by themself and through cooperating vocational education institutes. In their research network there are a various articles about this subject.

Analysis of the Austrian labour market and the economic situation with special attention to deprived people

The Federal Institute for Vocational Educational Training focuses on work-based and other vocation related education aspects, but reading this can also help to better understand the situation of and educational resources for our target groups.


Recommended other/ didactic ressources

Here we find information about the EQF in Germany

European Qualifications Framework – EQF in the Context of Tertiary Education.
Analysis based on a comparison of selected countries



There are included information regarding the events and fairs connected with gardening.

The Europom is an international exhibition of old and rare fruits as well as current market fruit and takes place every year in a different European country.

The world conference RIO+20 has started in Austria

The Research and Training department of Schönbrunn Gartenbau organised a competition for the “City Farmer 2012” for people, who are maintaining vegetable gardens in the urban area.

Vienna urban renewal and area care carried out an initiative to make the urban area more attractive with establishing green oasis.



The website of Agriculture Chamber presents possibilties of education, seminars and courses connected with gardening.

The German Education Server that provides access and background information regarding the German education system and its international context.

Verdi (Labor Union) presents education possibilities, courses, seminars. They give also information and guidance about rights and claims.

This website presents the list and the description of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Germany.

BUND, Friends of the Earth Germany, as an association deals with the protection of nature.

Botanical Garden Information System provide you with the links to Botanic Gardens in Germany.

Because of the Day of the Gardens, Bild presents the pictures of the most beautiful gardens in Germany. They encourge also the readers to take photos of their own gardens and send them.

The Foundation anstiftung & ertomis carries out research into commons, do-it-yourself and sustainable regionalisation. The Foundation is involved in a wide variety of civil society-based innovative activities in urban and rural areas. These include open spaces such as community gardens, intercultural gardens and open workshops on crafting and fabbing, as well as initiatives aimed reviving neighbourhoods and artistic interventions in public space.

Teaching center and testing center of The University Kassel for ecological agriculture and regional development.

NABU (Der Naturschutzbund Deutschland) is the organization that make people aware that common actions can help our planet. They want that also the coming generations find an earth which is worth living. The earth with good air, clean water, and soil.

On behalf of the German federal government, the GNTB has been working internationally to promote Germany as a travel destination for more than 60 years. It communicates the diverse appeal of the country to a worldwide market, thereby promoting a strong and attractive brand – 'Destination Germany'.

The mission of the projects is to make the children and adults aware of the nature as well as importance of being active. Some projects show young people to perspectives and alternatives for better life (self-development, social help).

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Natur und Umweltbildung ist der Dachverband (deutschlandweit tätige Organisation) für alle die in der außerschulischen Umweltbildung tätig sind.

A German Federal Association is active since the non-profit association Gartennetz Deutschland e.V. was founded in summer 2007. It bundles the interests of parks and gardens.The Gartennetz Deutschland e.V. offers a communcation and cooperation stage to garden initiatives. Vistitors from all regions and nations should experience the diverse values of German garden culture and develop joy at the gardens.

The Association of Botanic Gardens is an institution that cultivates the plants for the sake of education, research as well as protection.

Wide range of tips for gardeners.

The Biology Centre collects, retains, researches, documents and mediates knowledge about the animal and plant world, rocks and minerals.

Information about possibilities of nature-based education.

Gardens in Tulln as an example of ecological gardening.

Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) is an independent agency. The business of AGES is to promote a holistic approach to food security, food safety and public health issues in Austria by integrating different disciplines along the human food chain in order to achieve synergy effects and to concentrate all relevant capacities.

The school garden Kagran of the Vienna’s Parks and Gardens Department (MA 42) offers a variety of themed gardens and hosts the vocational school for horticulture and floristry.

Baumschule Mauerbach is a tree school situated in in the Wienerwald, which is climatically favored. For this reason, it is possible to cultivate there trees with special needs.

The flower gardens Hirschstetten of of the Vienna’s Parks and Gardens Department (MA 42) show a system for garden and nature lovers. The facility offers a variety of themed gardens. Guided tours and workshops are being offered.

The Austrian Gartenbaumuseum is showing showpieces of the history about gardening, flower decoration and public green spaces.

Donaustadt Gemeinschaftsgarten, is a shared garden in Vienna, Donaustadt, which offers consulting to allotment holders and deals with sustainability topics.

Gardens can offer an environment for intergenerational learning. A good example can be seen in the example of the 'Generationen Schulgärten Koblenz e.V.'.

And they also offer an overview of cooperating schools:



The newspaper `Stuttgarter Zeitung`published an article about Kindergarten in Nature.

An article about the wild plants as perfect type of food or nourishment possibility in crisis.

The newspaper `Kurier` published an article about the law connected with the protection of old trees.

The newspaper `Kurier`published an article about pests in gardens.

The newspaper `Kleine Zeitung`published an article about the caterpillars.

The Newspapers “Der Standard” published an article about the newest research of plants and their senses. (Edition 06/2011);art489,5430199

The newspapers “Kurier” published an article (Edition 03/2012) about fruit trees and how they should be cut.

The Citynews “Enjoy Vienna”, Edition 06/12, published an article about 150 years of Vienna’s Parks and Gardens Department, the anniversaries of known city parks in the city and about a 2 days celebration.

The Magazine “Die ganze Woche” published an article (Edition 25/12) about pupils building vegetable patches in the Prater area of Vienna

The magazine “Wiener Bezirksblatt” published an article about the competition for the most beautiful garden.

The “Münchner Merkur” newspapers included a special edited enclosure for gardens and environmental consultancy.

Magazine in research and discovery published by the Vienna City Department brought up an article about how to plant in the urban area, specifically on balconies. (Edition 01/13)

The magazine "Mein Bezirk" writesabout gardens being learning environments.

Read more about Berlin Kreuzberg as urban environment that can offer social learning environments in a horticultural setting for different target groups.;art1258,4065443

A natural garden available for youngsters at all ages; although the article shows children, also schools can have access to this garden environment in Groß-Gerau (Germany).

This document presents the idea of including gardena as learning environment in Berlin's Gartenarbeitsschulen.


Other Garden related links

Portal giving the information about the plants in the garden or at the balcony.

Informative portal treating various subjects around garden, plants.

Portal that gives the information, advices and links connected with education possibilities in Germany.

This website introduces the idea of renting biocertificated vegetable field for private use.

The initiators of farm gardens want to bring the agriculture closer to people. They highlight that it is especially important to make aware the children that they are able to to produce healthy food.$FILE/2)%20Neue%20Infoblaetter%20Blattlaeuse1.pdf

This document present the problems with aphids and how to deal with them$FILE/15)%20Botanische%20Besonderheiten%20Gemuesebau-Kreuzbluetler.pdf

In this picture collection are shown botanical special features with known and unknown causes.

This platform recommends literature connected with gardens.

Urban gardening portal that deals with recycling and upcycling (D.I.Y tips).

This website is a guide. They will provide you with the address and links which help you to organize the trip to gardens or parks.

This portal will give the information not only about the parks and gardens in Germany but also about the events, nature attractions, wildparks etc.

You can find here tips, tricks and ideas for your garden.

Slideshow of beautiful photos of gardens and garden tools and equipment.

Garten Treffpunkt is a lexicon. You can find information about herbs, poisonous plants as well as trees.

This brochure presents differnt gardens in Germany you can visit as well as practical information (address, how to get there).

This website gives information, tips connected with gardens, plants, insects as well as news and fashionable garden and balcony furniture.

This website gives information about the castles and gardens in Germany. They provide also the details connected with the events organited there.

This online platform gives details on pests.

The brochure from state of Upper Austria offers an overview of animals in gardens.

This organization gives information about glowflies.

This animal organization gives the information and tips how to organize the garden to keep there animals.

The brochure from the state of Lower Austria gives overview of birds, insects and animals in garden.

This platform gives information about the suitable season and weather for planting.

Informational brochure about the garden fair in Bad Schallerbach.

This portal gives tips connected with garden i.e. how to plan and organize garden.

Informative brochure about Botanic Garden in Linz.

Arche Noah is an organization that gives the tips and information about endangered plants.

This society supports gardeners with the courses, workshops, excursions and literature.

This site shows pictures of beautifully designed private gardens and high-quality public gardens.

This site offers information about bees, honey and bee products.

Information on the history of Gardens of Schönbrunn as well as the practical information about the tour through the park.

Dates and information about the garden fairs in Austria.

This official website offers details about national gardens.

Informative platform connected with gardening. Presents wide variety of subjects.

Tours in different national parks can be seen on this link.

The 'Gartenschau' offers a nice picture overview of flowers and their seasons; good for first research work.

This online portal gives details on sustainability and environment.

One of many horticultural service provider's website to inspire your creativity.



Education in general & Regarding disadvantaged learners in particular

Bifröst is a social science university that offers first-class instruction in business, law, philosophy, politics, and economics.

Association for Adult Learning in Iceland

Þekkingarnet East is private education organization, with the objective to promote the diverse structure of higher education, lifelong learning and research in the East part of Icelend.

Secondary school in East Skaftafellssýsla.

Euroguidance Centre Iceland is an organization promoting education and training through the provision of information on education and training opportunities in EU/EEA Member States and on relevant actors responsible for portability of qualifications.

University of Iceland offering courses in education, humanities, social sciences, etc.

InterCultural Iceland is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental educational center which specializes in intercultural education and teachers training, as well as European co-operation and interpretation services

Reykjavik University

Adult education act

Work and Training Centre for disadavantaged young people

Education and Training Service Centre

Horticum VET ltd is a private company specialising in VET for horticultural professionals, the interested public and all other students of horticulture.

Landsmennt Vocational Training Fund supports training inside companies for members of the Union Clubs for general workers in rural Iceland

Mimir VET is owned by the Labour Association of Iceland and offers courses in various subjects for the adult learner.

MSS is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in the Reykjanes area.

FnS is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in the South Iceland.

SIMEY is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in the Eyjafjordur/Akureyri area.

Austurbru‘s role is to provide programs for unskilled workers and mediate university programs and increase innovation through research in East Iceland..

HfSu‘s role is to mediate university programs and increase innovation through research in South Iceland.

Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga‘s role is to provide programs for unskilled workers and mediate university programs and increase innovation through research in NE Iceland.

SV is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in West Iceland.

Viska is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in the Westman Islands.

Símenntunarmiðstöðvar Norðurlands (SN) is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in NW Iceland

Fræðslumiðstöð Vestfjarða is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly low-skilled employees in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Framvegis is a learning provider offering programs for contiuous education of mainly public employees

Starfsmennt, training center, supports and organises training for public employees.

Labour Institute of Iceland supports the unemployed with benefits and course offers.

Hitt Húsið offers young, unemployed adults courses and training.

Iðnskolinn in Hafnarfjördur is formal VET institute offering VET to young adults.

Tækniskolinn is formal VET institute offering VET to young adults.

NH is learning provider offering courses to the public, owned by Hafnarfjordur municipality.

Links offering information on disadvantaged learners

Sensitisation training about culture, discrimination, racism

Young Students with Attention Deficit Disorder. A study based on the stories of four girls with ADD in Icelandic elementary schools.[Education]Enrollment!Drop-Out/

Statistics on drop-outs and other education indicators.

Migration and Adult Education: time, place and power - Polish migrants in Reykjavik, Iceland

Adult education and integration in Iceland


Ministry of Education, information on the education system in Iceland for immigrants and foreigners.

Government Policy on the Integration of Immigrants

Adult education in Iceland

Open education Iceland

Rethinking Sustainable Education Systems in Iceland:

Adult Education in Iceland
Vocational Education and Training Iceland:
Iceland: VET in Europe-Country report:
Education and vocational guidance in Iceland:
Thematic Overview:
A skills beyond school commentary on Iceland
The VET system in Iceland:
Country Report on the Action Plan on Adult Learning: Iceland :
Learner Autonomy: Theoretical and practical information for language teachers:

Dropout in a small society: is the Icelandic case somehow different?:
ICELAND: Education reforms to tackle drop-out rate:
Iceland country report-EACEA
Towards a strategy to prevent dropout in Iceland - Result of the OECD Iceland Workshop Preventing dropout in upper secondary schools in Iceland
IMF country report
The education system in Iceland
Education at a glance: Iceland

Recommended other/ didactic ressources

NordLand2011 is a LdV supported project giving rise to an EQF based learning outcomes and curricula for VET students in landscape construction.

IÐAN offers programs for trade unions in construction, car maintenance, printing and tourism.

SVS Vocational Training Fund supports training of members of  union clubs in service and retail sectors and the companies they work at.

Efling Union Club offers courses to members and takes care of their interests in VET issues.

Hlif Union Club offers courses to members and takes care of their interests in VET issues.

VSFK Union Club offers courses to members and takes care of their interests in VET issues.

Association of Landscape Contractors has promoted new approach to landscape construction studies.

Ministry of Education and Culture has governmental responsibility on implementation of public VET studies in Iceland.

NordLand 2011 was co-funded by the EU and Nordic funds and wrote an EQF based learning outcomes and curricula in landscape construction.

EU-co-funded project Tplanner to SMEs led by Starfafl VTF.

Federation of Icelandic Union Clubs, mainly on the private labour market.

Federation of Icelandic Employers Organisations.

ProMennt is a learning provider offering ICT courses to the public.

Sjomennt is a VTF supporting studies for fishermen and trade vessel crews.

Organisation of Icelandic middle manager union clubs, supporting their studies.

Federation of civil servants in Iceland.

Gerum Betur offers service courses to companies.

University of Akureyri offers a range of programs, many of them available through distance learning.

Dale Carnegie offers courses to individuals and companies to increase individual self-esteem and self-awareness.

Capacent Iceland is a consulting company offering a range of consulting services to companies.

Lifandi radgjof offers courses and consulting relating to drug abuse in the work force.

Endurmenntun is course provider run by University of Iceland.

Opni haskolinn is course provider run by University of Reykjavik.

Lif og sal offers courses and consulting in effective company intra-communication skills.

Heilsuvernd offers courses and consulting in occupational health and safety.

Saga Akademia offers courses in Icelandic for foreigners.

Syni offers food industry courses and consulting.

Other GARDEN related links
The Iceland Teaching Garden is a 15,000 square-foot peri-urban food growing space modelled after a small-scale market garden, providing a growing environment for food donations and serving as a base for our educational programming.
Gardens in Iceland
Horticultural Society of Iceland
Seeds is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit  volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland.
Upper Secondary School Practices in Iceland: Teaching and Learning – Student Engagement and Initiative
The OECD-Iceland Workshop on preventing dropout in Upper Secondary Schools in Iceland: Discussions with stakeholders



Education in general

Non-formal education centre for adults in Talsi

Non-formal education activities for pupils in Doebele

Non-formal education activities for pupils in Grobina

Formal vocational education in Liepaja

Regulations about folk education

Ministry of Education and Science offer all legal issued connected with education in Latvia.

Network of European non-formal education programme „Youth” offer information to the youth about topicalities in Europe and Latvia.

State Education Development Agency offer various issues connected with education on all levels to everybody who is interested in the topic.

Youth possibilities to study business management and catering in a very high level school, prestigious.

Young people can acquire information and help about education and job possibilities in the rural area, south–west of Latvia.

Youth education possibilities in this vocational school in the capital city.

State Labour Inspectorate answers various questions about job-education issues in the country

This glossary defines a selection of 100 terms used in the field of education and training policy in Europe. It is intended for researchers and practitioners and more generally for all those involved in education and training policy. It does not represent an exhaustive inventory of the terminology used by specialists; rather it identifies key terms that are essential for an understanding of current education and training policy in Europe.

About higher educational establishments- do they really prepare for work, labour market? What is the situation in Latvia?


Regarding disadvantaged learners in particular

Organize various activities for children and youth in Kurzeme region in non-formal and informal education

A building for the young people to spend their time outside formal education

The centre for children and youth to spend their time after school in a creative way

Offer studies for anyone any moment including disadvantaged youth

Offer the young people living in Jurmala and its sourroundings free time activities, entertaiment activities and support

Riga City Council department of Education, Culture and Sports offer young people various education, culture, entertainment and work possibilities in the capital city

Information portal offering various things about and for the young people in the country

The webpage of Gulbene Region Youth offer training, job opportunities to the young people

Union of Latvia Municipalities offer special programmes, activities to the youth all over the country: education, work and entertainment opportunities

The data base of National Education Opportunities offer information about the youth education in the country

State Employment Agency offer job opportunities to young people

Saldus City Municipality offer its local young people various activities in the rural area

A place where to look for help when in difficulties, especially for young disadvantaged people.

When summer is coming, it is topical for the young people to find some work in the summer period.

What to do if a young person has reached the age of 16 and does not feel any more like going to school? The world offers lots of possibilities also for such people

A possibility to find new job offers for all kinds of people

Research article about the young people who need support at learning

It is hard for young people to find a permanent position into the labour markets. The article deals with the problem and tries to find a way how to integrate better these young people into labour market, especially the disadvantaged ones.

Welfare Department of Riga City Council offer lots of help and advice to the disadvantages young people, professional staff are ready to help anyone anytime.

Youth parliament offers various programmes for the young people who are in different life and work difficulties, they try to help anyone.


Recommended other/ didactic ressources

Public Service Language Centre

Liepaja University dealing with the GARDEN project

Cooperation with all educational establishments in Latvia

Offer legal solutions, law, regulations, rules

Dobele City Municipality offer the young people and their teachers, trainers various activities connected with the youth issues in the local area

Website offering teachers and trainers courses in non-formal education

Informative website offer young people how to spend their free time

Blog about education and culture where different opinions about everything that matters in education can be found

Jurmala City Municipality offer the young people living in the city various activities and possibilities

Liepaja City Municipality offer teachers, trainers various courses, seminars, programmes in non-formal and informal education

Children and Youth Education Centre “Puce” offer workshops for teachers working in the non-formal and informal education

Possibilities to look for employment

Various career possibilities could be found here

Various possibilities to find youth employment in Europe

It seems that everybody knows how to assess children and their work, but what about adults-can we do it the same way?

A very good document for any teacher, trainer, how to set goals and anticipate the outcomes

Non-formal education and its implementation in Latvia

Lots of young people, who are not willing to go to alcohol to study, suffer from different addiction (alcoholism, nicotine, drugs, gambling etc.). Riga City council has got special programmes in order to deal with the addiction

The site of the Baltic Country Holidays offers also details on the country site in Latvia, like details on the growing of vegetables.

If you want to go on a tour into national parks, this address can help and give more details for your tour.



Education in general

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports –Spain. Provides information about the spanish education system, grants and scholarships, information for students and teachers/trainers, etc

Tripartite Foudation for Training and Employment - Spain. Is the state entity in charge of promoting and coordinating the execution of public policies in the field of continuing training.

HOBETUZ. Basque Foundation for VET and Continuous Training. Aims to make more effective training of working people, making closer to the users and connecting closely with the requirements of companies in the Basque Autonomous Community.

National Institute of Qualifications – Spain. The competences of INCUAL are, among others, the development, production and maintenance update of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications and the development of support tools needed for evaluation and accreditation of skills acquired through work experience and non-formal training.

It is a website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports – Spain which contains all the information related to VET studies. Both the full range of VET programs such as scholarships and career opportunities of each branch. Very interesting to consulting Spanish VET catalogue,  if you are looking for an alternative to your current profession or if you are searching for a job.


Regarding disadvantaged learners

Cáritas is a nonprofit organisation that carries out international cooperation and social development programmes. Employment services of Cáritas provide new opportunities for training and employment through projects which main feature is the individualized support to people who start labour insertion processes.

Exit Foundation works in the inclusion of youth at risk of social exclusion through a self-training model, based on specialized work in networking with other organizations, involving society and the business world.

Private foundation focused on the development of arts education. Its objectives are:

  • The educational, social and cultural integration of disadvantaged children and youth through arts education.
  • The activities with adults to promote coexistence and encounter between cultures.
  • The creation of networks of cooperation and educational, artistic, cultural and social training actions. Teacher training is specifically one of its purpose.

Obra Social La Caixa is the largest prívate foundation in Spain. Among other activities, develops job placement programs for people with difficulties in accessing the labour market (included young people).

Connect Network is a project shared by a network of Non Governmental Organization (NGO) which aims to promote social inclusion of all people using new technology as a tool. It addresses the general population, but especially young people 13 to 30 years, women with difficult access to employment, long-term unemployed and people with social integration difficulties.

Tomillo Foundation. One of its many activity areas, is the integration into society of young and socially disadvantaged adults through actions and comprehensive guidance, training, employment and support for self-employment. Also, provides training and create jobs for people with poor employability in two main areas: Gardening and Care Unit.


Recommended other/ didactic ressources

Teacher Training, Research and Educational Innovation Institute – Spain. Its main responsabilites are:

  • The development and dissemination of curriculum materials and other teacher support documents, design models for teacher training and the design and implementation of specific programs.
  • The development and promotion of research, innovations, studies and reports on education.
  • The development and coordination of actions and standards for adoption and development of Spanish Qualifications Framework.

Emplealia Network. The mission of the Network is to promote associativism between Third Sector entities that are focused on social and labour integration of excluded groups.

Nexoempleo Foundation. The main objective of the foundation is to improve the quality in the management of employment promotion services for professional development and employment of people (specially the most disadvantaged in the labour market).


United Kingdom

Education in general

TVET UK is an education provider based in London, offering a broad range of services designed to promote the UK technical and vocational sector

Babcock is a provider of work-based training.

The Skills Funding Agency is a partner organisation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), aiming at the promoting of adult further education (FE) and skills training in England.

Afiniti is a change management consultancy specialising in the people agenda of business change.

Firebrand is a vocational education provider for professional qualifications accreditation.

General Dynamics IT delivers professional services and solutions to support organisations to operate more efficiently, securely and cost effectively.

Acuma is a dedicated provider of solutions and strategic consultancy in Information Management.

Ashbury Training offers training solutions with the use of innovative and flexible approaches to training

Training Synergy is a training provider and accreditation centre for professional qualifications, with a broad range of services provided.

It is a portal offering information on various training issues, such as courses, training providers, freelance trainers, training venues, etc.

UK NARIC provides information and advice on worldwide vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications.

Vocational training awarding body

Regional training College specializing in Horticulture <

Vocational education awarding body

Summary of the Wolf report into vocational education for 14- to 19-year-olds can be improved in order to promote successful progression into the labour market, higher level education and training routes.

Gateway for Vocational education providers


Links to give details regarding disadvantaged learners

Queen Elisabeth´s foundation for disabled people offers personalised services starting from an initial skills assessment and programme design, through to employment and further development in the workplace.

The aim of the project is to provide drug and alcohol prevention and early intervention activities to improve the health and learning outcomes for young people who are affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse.

The aim is to provide hard to reach and vulnerable young people who are at risk of (or who are) NEET with targeted, intensive and personalised support in order to help them to transition to adulthood.

It aims to reduce the need for exclusions from schools by providing intensive support to over 1000 young people at risk of being excluded from schools (and their families/careers) across four geographical area; and helping around 600 young people in Year 11 who disengaged from education to avoid becoming NEET on leaving school.

To enable disadvantaged young people, including those displaying early signs of disaffection, to push the boundaries of what they believe is possible, challenge the expectations of those around them and achieve outcomes that result in savings to the public purse.

To improve the lives of the most marginalised young people NEET, aged 16 to 24, through personalised and intensive ‘wrap around’ employment support.

To help highly disadvantaged young people who are NEET progress into education, employment or training through the provision of extensive personalised support.

Special Education Needs-Code of practice

Training materials for teaching pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Learning Difficulties Assessment (LDA) for Local Authorities

Expansion of the entitlement to free education for disadvantaged two-years-olds

A question of quality: Do children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive lower quality early years education and care in England

Tackling educational disadvantage in partnership

The Organisation for the Support and Education of Disadvantaged children (OSEDC)

UK Country Note OECD

Equity and Quality in Education: Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools

A longitudinal analysis of UK second-generation disadvantaged immigrants

Government initiative to help young people into work

Support for young people

Resources and ideas forworking with young people

The Society of Garden Designers is a professional association for garden designers in the UK and counts some of the UK´s leading garden and landscape designers among its growing membership. It is active both nationally and internationally, promoting its aims through its journal, workshops and conferences.

This document presents the importance of role of the plants in the garden as they encourage the wildlife.

A UK conservation charity, protecting historic places and green spaces. It gives information about interesting places to visit.

Royal Horticultural Society helps to choose the perfect plants for your garden taking into consideration weather, soil, season and type of the garden.

The UKGardening website has been running since 1998. The idea behind the site has always been to provide interesting and useful information for the novice gardener.

The guide that informs about all the gardens and garden tours in England.

Information on Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.

Information on The Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Information about the Garden Organic - the national charity for organic growing.

The Cambridge University Botanic Gardengives you the chance to discover plants from all over the world in 40 acres of beautiful gardens and glasshouses.The Garden provides resources including plant material, horticultural expertise and facilities to research workers and lecturers.

Britain's Finest Gardens features over 380 special gardens to visit throughout Britain, carefully selected by The Times's gardener

The Exbury Gardens are a spectacular 200 acre (100 hectare) site, world-famous for the Rothschild Collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and rare trees and shrubs.

Ryton Gardens is set in the heart of England and combines 10 acres of organic gardens buzzing with wildlife, brimming with plants, bursting with flowers and abundant in fruit and vegetables. It has been home to the UK’s leading organic charity, Garden Organic, for over 25 years.

West Dean Gardens features a restored Walled Kitchen Garden, a spectacular 300 foot-long Edwardian Pergola, a Spring Garden and beautiful parkland walk with views over the South Downs.

The 10 hectare university botanic garden is set amongst beautiful mature woodlands on the southern outskirts of Durham City. They provide an academic resource to the university for teaching and research as well as offering educational visits to schools. Visitors are very welcome to enjoy their garden and its living collections

The Easton Walled Gardens are called Lincolnshire’s ‘lost’ gardens. 400 years of gardening have created a peaceful and settled atmosphere, enhanced by the beautiful valley surrounding it. The gardens have been carefully designed so that adults and children can enjoy the gardens together. You can find a birdhide, swing, turf maze and big yew tunnel to explore together and children are welcome to pick a few flowers

The Botanic Garden of the  University of Oxford is the the oldest in Britain. It is also the  most compact, yet diverse collection of plants in the World right in the heart of the city centre and is open throughout the year for you to visit and enjoy.

BBC Nature Features provides the article with information about wildlife in our gardens.

The RSPB is the country's largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again. We also play a leading role in a worldwide partnership of nature conservation organisations.

If you have a gardening question or need advise on what to plant or  have problems identifying a plant you can ask the Sunday Gardener.

The webiste provides information, tips and articles about gardening. This article gives the information about wind resistant plants for windy gardens.

This website gives different tips and ideas connected with garden e.g. garden design ideas, landscape designs, how to take care of the plants. There are also interesting articles with advices i.e. how to get rid of the wasps´nests.

This easy-to-use garden planner will help you create a haven for wildlife in your own garden. Just choose a season and a colour and the planner will produce a list of suitable plants.

This site is dedicated to the art of creating the illusion of the tropics in inappropriate climates.

Garden Action is a premier gardening information source that gives you tips e.g  how to grow in your compost heap.

Garden Organic for Schools is a leaflet that treats about attractin wildlife into the garden.

Informative website that gives a lot of information and ideas that  will inform and inspire you and help you create the garden of your dreams.

National Insect Week encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a large number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.

NHS Choices includes links to hundreds of external websites. These links are provided to give users quick access to the widest possible range of high quality information resources.

Here we have an information about different insects and bugs in our gardens and parks that bite or sting.

This web site about agriculture and farming was established in 1999 in an attempt to help widen understanding about the role of agriculture in the countryside.

RegenAG UK is committed to bringing some of the world's leading pioneers of Regenerative Agriculture to share their ideas with farmers and smallholders in the UK, through a series of short courses and workshops. The focus of Regenerative Agriculture is on building soils, restoring watercourses, and encouraging biodiversity, while reducing dependency on outside inputs, improving livestock health and increasing farm yields and profitability.

Garden design ideas for every look: from urban gardens to country cottage gardens. There are also nice photos and tons of advice to help you design your new garden project.

The website offers top garden ideas photos from garden patios to pergolas via gazebos and garden sculpture.

The National UK Directory supprts town and village open gardens. This website helps to publicise town and village events and reward hard work.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the last 80 years our bumblebee populations have crashed. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically.


The newspaper `The Telegraph`published an article about honeybees and how to help them by planting pollinator friendly plants in the gardens.

The newspaper `The Telegraph`published an article where they presented  Top 100 plants every garden should have.

Review of Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Training in the United Kingdom

Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training

Education subsidies and school drop-out rates

Vocational Education and Training in England and Wales Strengths, Challenges and Recommendations

OECD reviews of vocational education and training-Learning for Jobs/Pointers for Policy Development

England should expand provision of postsecondary vocational programmes, says OECD

Postsecondary Vocational Education and Training in England Strengths, Challenges and Recommendations

VET in Europe-UK Country Report

UK - Reviewing vocational education and training in England: the emerging landscape

Small dip in teenage dropout rate hailed

Dropout rates fall at English universities

Excellence and equity: Tackling educational disadvantage in England’s secondary schools

Rolling out free early education for disadvantaged two year olds: an implementation study for local authorities and providers

Gardening relevant links

The Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens offers practical advice in brochures, newsletters and also training.

The European Garden Heritage group informs how to explore a garden and how to learn from it.

This site offers horticultural details, shows the Ness Gardens and nice garden pictures.

Information on gardens in Cheshire with many nice pictures and horiticultural tips.

This official website offers details about gardens and tours in the region.

The Dropout Report

Integration Program for School Dropouts


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